Things to do at Leahton Park

From the historic Venus Battery & Miners Cottage to the iconic Tors Drive In there is plenty to keep you occupied while you are enjoying Charters Towers country hospitality. Things to do and see at Leahton Park include:

  • Texas Longhorn Wagon Tour – The main feature of Leahton Park is the full blood Texas Longhorn herd and it is fitting that the activity not to be missed is the award winning Texas Longhorn Wagon Tour. The wagon you will be riding in is one made by us right here at Leahton Park. It is a comfortable sprung canvas covered wagon drawn by the two gentle giant draft horses Woodrow & Gus with their harness made in The Bethel Saddlery saddle shop. After your camp oven cooked damper and billy tea the wagon ride goes for approximately one hour and it is a unique opportunity to see the country just like our forefathers did whilst viewing the magnificent and historical Texas Longhorns up close. Additionally, there is the water buffalo herd, kangaroos, wildlife and abundant bird life to be seen. We also have a couple of American Bison, African Watusi and Scottish Highland cattle to add to the 'bovine mix' The main attraction in the Longhorn herd is JR - the Guinness World Record holder for the steer with the longest horns. His horns now measure more than 9’ 8” (2.95m) from tip to tip.

    Please note that due to the weather and cattle management practices the Wagon Tour is not available all year. The Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours normally start in late April or early May and run through until late September or early October. 

    Texas Longhorn Wagon Tour

    Wagon ride, smoko & saddle shop:

    Adults $70.00, Children(5-15) - $40.00


  • Longhorn Safari - 8 seater Polaris Ranger tour/safari of Texas Longhorn herd.  This very comfortable all-terrain vehicle is an excellent way to get an up close perspective of these historical cattle. Available for Leahton Park guests all year except in bad weather.

    Longhorn Safari

    Longhorn Safari:

    Adults - $50.00, Children(5-15) - $35.00

  • Bethel Saddlery - Take a tour of the Bethel Saddlery custom saddle shop and see how fine saddles are made; there are often saddles in various stages of construction to view.